Brands We Carry

Interested in what we carry? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular brands we carry in-store! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us, we probably carry it!​

  • ThinSlim Foods (bread, bagels, pizza crust and pasta)

  • Choc Zero (barks, syrups, baking chips, peanut butter cups, squares)

  • Catalina Crunch (cereals, cookies)

  • Keto & Co

  • ChocoRite

  • Torpillas Beyond Chipz

  • Diabetic Kitchen

  • Julian Bakery

  • SOLA 

  • Base Culture

  • Curly Girlz Candy

  • Smart Sweets

  • Good Dee's

  • Keto Queen

  • Pork King Good

  • Lakanto

  • Lily's Chocolate (bars, chocolate covered: nuts, caramels, popcorn, pb cups)

  • Palmini

  • Fox Hill Kitchen

  • Rebel Ice Cream (pints and cookie sandwhiches)

  • Enlightened Ice Cream (pints, bites, cheesecakes)

  • Smartcakes, Smart Mufn's, SmartBuns

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A full selection of sugar free, low carb & keto grocery items!

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